Monday, September 6, 2010


Ever since Stand-Up Paddling hit the market & 'scene', I never thought I'd get into it. Soooo many people slammed it with terrible nicknames, stereotypes and whatever.. But yesterday, for the first time, I tried out SUP. Since it was about 5 PM, the sun wasn't shining (what's new?) so I wore shorts, shirt and a flannel. Went out with my friend Brian in Dana Point Harbor. We paddled a couple miles and I never fell off! Not bad for a first-timer. I don't think anyone could tell it was my first time. HAH.

So I guess I have a challenge. Get really good at SUP. Enter some contests... get sponsored? IDK. Wishful thinking? It's possible. Well have to wait and see! Well... and see if I can afford a board!! I need a deal.. can anyone hook it up?


Photos coming

Ohhh also yesterday, I cracked the fishtail on my orange fish...........
BUMMER dude.