Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life Changes

I've got so much on my mind tonight that I can't seem to sit down and read these chapters for school tomorrow.

First. I moved today. That's a major life change. Moving sucks. I painted my new room and the color's name is : Mermaid's Song. Sooo beautiful. I love it. Feels good to be in a place where I feel comfortable with my surroundings. It will be hard not living on Grant where my favorite surf spot is... but its only a couple minutes away. Be positive. Everything's gonna be alright.

Another thing on my mind is: Surfboards. I know, right, of course I'm thinking about surfboards? I think it's amazing how people (and their craft) can influence me. There are a few people I would like to recognize tonight for their immense contributions to my life and I am forever grateful. Gary Hogue-- for his influence of beginning to shape. I learned the love from him. I knew nothing about shaping before I met him. Secondly, Ken Moore. I owe him almost every thing I know. So forever grateful-- we have completed 7 boards I believe. He is an incredible mentor and now family to me. Thank you Ken for all your help over the past two years. "Don't worry, wax can cover it." Earl Moore-- what an amazing person who has totally influence 'the fish' into my life. From Earl, I have learned the passion of creating and riding boards and making life surround the art of surfing and shaping. Thank you. Retro fish are siiiiick. There are several other people who I would like to mention as well: Brian "Surfteach", Eli Mirandon, John Mellor, Noel Whitman, Dan Howard, Foam EZ guys, and Guilhem Rainfray. Such influence.

The last thing is that I received some incredible compliments today about my board. Thank you so much for this. It made my day. .. my life. Here it is:

"See photo below of Whitney wading out with her nice new fish. That board turned out great and sets the bar pretty high. I looked it over and IMO it was one of the most nicely finished boards there."- John Mellor. Also, "Whitney's (Ethereal Prodigy) fish was top notch for sure."- Chris Palmer

So that's how life goes. I'm blessed to be where I am, who I know, and what I am doing. May my life continue to be led in the right direction.

Let's go.