Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have Faith

Faith is an interesting word that can be applied to several different things in life. By definition, Faith is: confidence or trust in a person or thing; belief that is not based on proof; belief in God; the objection of loyalty, and so on.

Maybe there are some rough things going on in your life right now... like there are in mine. That's what this blog is for: reviving, re-energizing, and relieving the stresses in life. Giving yourself a better perspective by enlightening your soul with beautiful people, places, and things.

Going through life without having faith in yourself is probably the worst mindset.
Believe in your strong-willed attitude.

So I'll leave with this, the sea doesn't care how much money you have (or don't have). She's not judgmental. It's all about the freedom of expression.

Bury your stress at sea.

Have faith.