Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carlos Montejo, forever


I am very, very sad..
Our world and small surf community has lost a beautiful person.

Carlos, one of my best friends, I will never forget you.

  You always looked out for me when we were surfing. I won't ever forget you shredding my new pink Barbie board, and even managed to get barreled before me.

I loved surfing with you and you always pushed me to become a better surfer because you were so good.  

Whenever I called you to surf, you'd always ask me, "Did you look at it?" Haha and I would say, "Well I'm going to look at it."  You'd always laugh and say, "Go look at it and call me back."   

There were days where it was just us, no one else, and it was stormy and all over the place.  I wouldn't say anything about going in because I knew it was my idea to surf.  One day, I remember, you got only 1 wave and I had 0.  Yet other days, Newport was perfect and you were the star getting more waves than anyone.  I'd always see you paddling from the inside.  Smiling. 

62st - RJ's will NEVER be the same without you. 

We used to go everyday, rain or shine, big or small waves.

Thank you for the inspiration you brought to my life.
I will always remember laying out in the sun, drinking a beer, and relaxing after the surf sesh. So many fun times of Laventinas, Big Belly, and Coronas!  Yeah, it's 219 62nd St.... the back house.  Haha the delivery guy knew who you were every time. 

You always made me watch football and basketball with you even though I wasn't interested.

I'm sorry for letting your cat out one night when you were injured and we had to stumble around the neighborhood trying to find him. I knew you were upset. Finally in the morning he returned home and you were happy with me once again. 

I wish more than anything in the world that I could have said "Good-bye" to you, that we could have gone surfing one last time, bike around the neighborhood, smile, laugh, play, and lay out on the deck one last time.   I loved all of our times together. 

My life will not be the same without you and I cannot stop crying every time I think of you. ♥ ♥ ♥
 Loved celebrating your big birthday with a special cupcake!
 Shredding at O street
 Carlos, lost somewhere in Costa Rica
 Always smiling.
 Loved it.
SURF FOREVER, CARLOS.   You always will be in my heart.