Friday, September 24, 2010


Afran and I ended up in Pismo Beach for the night when we turned off the 101 and found out that you can drive and camp on the beach. I've been by Pismo quite a few times and have never stopped. So we got an overnight pass, found a spot and made out camp!

It was soooo rad! Everything was perfect. We had our camp set up in no time and made a delicious dinner on the beach! After the sunset, the moon was extremely bright and lit up the entire sky. We woke up to waves crashing right outside the truck. Incredible!

A couple funny things to note: named a seagull Clancy and from now on every seagull is called "Clancy". This seagull in particular was ridiculous. Next, when we were having our morning coffee and breakfast, these idiots decided to roll through the beach campground area and decide to stop directly in front of us. Mind you, this is a huge beach. They stop there for an hour blocking our beautiful view of the ocean. HA we laughed for hours about that. Then, on the way up to Big Sur, we see these cows on the side of the road and Afran starts honking the horn and yelling, "Do you cows know how lucky you are!!!!!!!!!" HAHAH.

So good.