Saturday, September 25, 2010

Plaskett Creek

Next we headed north up the 1 and ended up at Plaskett Creek which is south of Big Sur. When we pulled in the parking lot, I saw John and Guilhem! I was stoked! This is where the Swaylocks camp-out was located. It was really awesome to meet quite a few of my Sway brothers for the first time. They were stoked to meet one of the two girls on the forum. Had a great time talking story and looking at boards.

Have to note a few hilarious things: finally found out who Resinhead was after two years of thinking he was a 65+ year old man who just sat behind his computer all day and ranted but he actually turned out to be a nice guy in real life. Also, when we rolled up and talked to the camp hostess, she gave Afran and I a hard time about 'rocking the truck at night...' haha. We'll never live that one down.

It was a wild time. Surfed some huge waves, met great people, and had a lot of drinks!!

More photos to come ...