Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Our world has lost a beautiful woman.

Inside and out, she is amazing.

One of my closest friends, Annie Gloria Diaz, took her own life just this Saturday.    I was completely devastated to hear the news because her and her wonderful boyfriend Matt just returned from a fast and fun trip to Costa Rica. 

I enjoyed surfing with Annie the most as well as endless conversations about everything under the sun.  She was an open book.   I loved being around her.  She pushed me to surf harder than all the boys.  I'll never forget her.

Annie, Matt, and I surfed Swami's just a couple weeks ago. We walked down from their house, crossed the tracks and paddled out, still in spring suits.  All smiles in the line-up but we were ready to catch waves.  I remember I had the best wave I've ever caught on my shortboard and Annie watched it after she paddled out from an amazing left before mine.  I remember doing a top turn over her as she duck dove under me.  After dozens of waves, we were freezing and walked back up to her house.  All smiles.  Happy.  Stoked.  I hugged her good-bye and couldn't wait to surf again soon.  And that was the last...

Our trips to Lowers were the best. I would pick Annie up at her house in Cardiff and drive up to Lowers together.  Sunshine, bikinis, boards, happiness.  The first time she took me there, Lowers was packed with at least 100 people.  But we still caught waves and had a blast. That spot was special to her.  And we had other trips planned: Hawaii, Indo...

Still can't believe you're gone.

So much love for you, Annie. Prayers and love for your family.

I hope this, that someway somehow she is in a better place.  We will miss you Annie <3 br="br">

8/31/1981 - 10/5/2012