Monday, July 19, 2010

Santa Cruz

Definitely a change in scenery compared to Newport now.. I'm way up north in Santa Cruz. Today turned out to be a pretty cool day. I knew it wouldn't take long for people to start calling me... Only when they're desperate of course. And I'm like--sorry I'm on vacation. Didn't tell them where i was ha.

So I woke up in Ventura and after coffee, I went over to C-street and decided to paddle out. There weren't many people in the water and i even found a spot where there was only 2 people nearby. Had some fun waves there!! Then this pack of dolphins came swimming so closer to me. They were playing in the waves and surfacing all around me. It was so incredible. It's one of those things that you read about. After the surf, I took a shower and started on my way north. I didn't realize how close i was to SLO where my friend John Mellor lives. I called him up and he met me for sushi!! It was super cool to see him again and we talked story for a couple of hours. Such a nice, generous person.

After, I continued my journey north and ended up in Santa Cruz. I love this area and wished I lived up here. I found my way over to Steamer Lane to watch some great surfing. Loved it. I'm not really into rights so it wouldn't be as fun to me as a good left would be. I enjoyed the view and watching people.

I'm ready for sleep now although i have to sleep in my car. Hmm. Better find my place. Good night.