Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello El Dorado Forest

Yesterday morning I left Santa Cruz and made my way over to the El Dorado National Forest area to a little known place called Placerville. I headed a little further up to one of my best friends, Krista's house. I was super excited to see her because its been 2 years. I've spent two summers up in this neck of the woods working at Leoni Meadows. Once I got out of my car, immediately I could smell that incredible aroma of this area. I'll never forget the smell because it brings back memories.

When I arrived at Krista's, I needed a shower so bad. After two days of traveling and surfing, I felt like I smelled terrible!!

Since she lives so close to Leoni, we decided to go visit and see who we knew there. To my surprise (after two years), quite a few people were so excited to see me!! I was stoked. It was especially awesome seeing Jineane. We had lots of catching up to do. It's hard to lose friends but we picked up where we left off. So happy to see Eli, Kyle, Jacinta, and several others. Felt good being back up there and it felt almost the same as when I was living there. The scenery hasn't changed but the people have.

I've had a lot going on in my head lately but this trip has provided the necessary time for me to do some thinking. I've been able to get some good advice from true friends & that means so much to me. I've been out of the Adventist circle for almost 2 years now and that's not a bad thing.. I just needed space. But along with that, I haven't kept in contact with some good friends. I'm going to work on that.

Well that's all for now... I think we're headed to Tahoe this afternoon