Thursday, July 1, 2010

Early Bird.

sleep early = early morning!

Newport has some West wind swell today & I was lucky enough to get out at 6. My friend Dan called me up nice and early so we paddled out for a couple of hours. We had nice lined-up peaks scattered throughout the river at first but it was kind of inconsistent and sketchy. Dan got a couple barrels and he was totally stoked because its been windy and flat for the last 3 days. Saw a lot of friends and neighbors out this morning. Plus some beautiful dolphins!
A friend of Dan's was surfing a 5'9" fish (kind of like mine) so well! Was super inspired. He could get into any wave he wanted. Experience totally pays off.
I was the best girl out there (and the only girl). Haha. Overall a great morning with fun waves.

Now going back to sleep zzzzzz.