Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to Newps Reality

I have to say that was a great & worthwhile trip. Felt good to finally feel something real. And that's what I love about adventures-- you get scared, worried, nervous, impatient, lost, ... blah, everything, yet you still most likely have the time of your life. And I did. I uncovered some lost memories and discovered new places.

It's hard to go home and back to normal life. Back to work. But it's easy to dream in those moments spent drifting away from reality.

I've been contemplating what my 'style' is exactly... And what I've figured so far is that I want people to enjoy retro style in the present-day world. It's like the fusion between retro shapes and modern fin configurations. I like quads... yet can't go without my retro fish. Polished boards look classy yet if someone truly wants a sanded-clear board, I believe the possibilities are endless.

"When we were in our youth, we had dreams that we could fly, we had friends that weren't visable and love that could never die. Then as we grew older I felt the pain and we always knew the truth that love would heal if we stayed true to the dreams of our youth."