Sunday, November 7, 2010


Surfed Thursday, tide was weird, saw a couple dry barrels. Nothing too special. I think its funny that there were places that had waves so huge they didn't know what to do with them & then here at home we have tiny waves with no power. HAH. So interesting.

Went over to my friend Brian's shop EMNT. (Check em out: ) He's got a great operation of Skateboards, Surfboards and Clothing. Goes against the grain of mainstream surf industry. I hope to be working at his factory soon-- probably lamming. Also, I will be making more boards in the near future. Things are happening!

Had a lovely weekend though. Some great SEAHAB Explored some tide pools in Laguna by Rockpile. Biked on crazy PCH. Had such great food: sushi, acai bowls, pizza... ! Did lots of things Sea-related. Felt GREAT. I am revitalized. So thankful for everything around me.