Monday, November 15, 2010


My heart sank when I watched this video. I started crying in the computer lab at school.
Words cannot describe the feeling of a paddleout.
Loyalty, ohana, love, passion, fellowship, oppression, aloha...
It proves we are a family, a community. We care for one another.
Hands splashing water into the air, throwing flowers, screaming. So vibrant.
Its a celebration of life. Life from before and life to come.
I cannot imagine the feeling of losing someone so close as Andy's wife did.
Nor do I ever want to. It's life and we must accept it.
When I do die, I want to be cremated and spread in the ocean probably at RJs or Nomans.
I pray that the surf community finds closure after this time of disrupt.
Show your friends and family that you appreciate them.
The time is now.