Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Foam Time!

Started shaping a new shred sled yesterday afternoon.
Stoked that I can work out of there!!
Its a 5'8" fishy similar to my current fish.
Had a little problems with the outline because I drew on the outline with a fishing pole curve, not a template. I seemed to fix it completely and the outline looks good. I knew the numbers I wanted to hit... its just aesthetics to get it to be a smooth curve.
Planed top and bottom with the Hitachi modified planer. Had some fun with this since I had to take off almost an inch.
Used a new technique, a revolving sander at about 3500 RPMs to do faster sanding. Brian showed me this and I like the way it works... as long as I don't jab one of the edges into the flat foam HA.
I actually enjoy using the hand tools -- the sureforms and sanding block. This is probably because I learned how to do everything by hand. It's probably good knowledge to have ... but it would be rough if I had to bust out a few boards a day.
Still need to shape the rails and throw in a bit of a concave.
Then we'll be ready to glass. Any ideas on color?
More to come.