Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PL Surf.

Sunday was my first time surfing Point Loma.  What an adventure, where do I begin?

We launched the boat around 4 PM and headed out to find some hidden surf spots not accessible by land.  As we came around the corner, waves began breaking everywhere!!  Super stoked.  Time to surf.  The only bad thing was that it was high tide.  :(

Af dropped me off as close to the waves as possible then drove the boat out a way to avoid the 4-6 foot rolling waves.  Two guys were already surfing but left shortly after I arrived.
It was spooky.

The water was dark and the kelp was thick.
It felt like a different world.

After riding a mid-sized one, I was caught on the inside during a sizable set and kept hoping I wouldn't be flung onto the rocks. Dive, dive, dive. Finally I was back outside. 

After a couple more waves, I was over the kelp leaching onto my leash. I had a whistle so that Afran would know I wanted to be picked up.   Back to the boat.

We drove out to the main kelp so I could change and he could fish.  When we were ready to move to another location to fish, the boat wouldn't start.  Dead in the water.  Luckily we weren't still in the surf zone otherwise worse things could have happened.  Slight panic. We called Vessel Assist to tow us back to the landing.  A wire connecting the engine and the battery was corroded.  You would have never known unless you were really looking to find the frail wire. Thankfully by the grace of God and the help of Reggie, the Vessel Assist captain, we arrived back at the landing.

What a wild day.