Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear Corporate Surf Apparel Makers

Dear Hurley, Billabong, Volcom, O'Neill, and the rest...

   I have been connected to the water my whole life and girls have never had board shorts that actually were functional. I commend you for creating board shorts similar to men's but that are short--the 2 inch inseams.  For years, I have suffered through uncomfortable, non-stretching, and horribly designed shorts. Remember when those long, unattractive "man style" ones were in? BLAH.  But now, you have finally came up with options for women.  They are cute, functional, and high quality. 

   The only downside is that they are waaaaay overpriced.  $50 for one pair of boardies. And on top of that, they are made in China.  I'm guessing they cost about $2.75 to make. No wonder you can give away millions to your team riders and thousands at contests.

  I am a local Newport Beach citizen and I think that more inexpensive options should be available.  $25 seems like a reasonable price, doesn't it?  

I thank you Corporate Surf Apparel manufactures for conquering the design and materials, but you're killing us with the price.