Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My Great Uncle Elroy passed away yesterday. His wife, Maxine, passed away a couple months ago.

While growing up, it was like having an extra set of Grandparents because they truly loved the kids. We would never leave their house empty handed. Candy, coins, art, books, everything! My Uncle Elroy collected coins and had way more coins than the bank does. He loved making things. He loved coffee. Cheap coffee, that is.

He would always encourage the kids to be the best in school as he was a math teacher. I remember visiting their house when I was young & they had a room filled with things from the ocean. I would sit in there and look at all the seashells, coral, and photos...dreaming of the ocean. Now I live here. Dreams do come true.

Live in the now.
God be with my family right now, we need it so much.

Above is my Grandma Olga & Great Aunt Maxine
Below is some good memories of digging potatoes!

They all taught us kids that hard work & good character pays off!
Thank you for that.