Saturday, February 6, 2010

new stick

It feels like things are coming together for my 'company'... I guess you could call it that. Even though I haven't sold any surfboards (and did not intend to up until this point) but I am starting the market myself. A shaper friend offered to print up some of my logos for me to put on my boards under the glass. I'm stoked! Can't wait to see how the come out.

Yesterday I had a message from a local shaper, Surfding (Michael Ward), who I've met before and been to his shop. He calls himself a glorified garage shaper, but really, he's brilliant. He gave me a pre-shaped blank that the nose was broken off. So he helped me reshape, draw a template, fix the rocker and foil... for a brand new board I can glass! So rad. He's such a generous person. And how does he do those f@*king rails?!

So I'm ready to glass. I have 2 short boards ready-- just need to buy the resin and cloth, boxes and thats about it!

I'll post a photo of it soon, hate to move it so much.

Here we go!