Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Mentor

So often in life we forget the people who have made a difference in our lives.  For me, there has been several people who have imprinted their knowledge and spirit in my life.  My mentor, Ken Moore taught me the skills to create the crafts I love so much.  I still can remember my very first board and I had no idea what I was doing.  I didn't know where to look on the rails if there is a 'whoopdedoo' in the outline.  Or how a planer, sureform, sander worked. "Don't hold the squeegee like a girl!" I was clueless when it came to how much catalyst to add in sixteen ounces of resin.  Or how to route a fin box.  I admire his perfection, down to the brush hairs left in the resin during a hot coat or how a board is polished.  He could draw perfect pinlines and his hot coats always came out flawless.   Sometimes he would sand my board for me while I was gone and surprise me.  I told him, how am I ever going to learn how to sand if you don't let me do it!

But out of his generosity, I have learned a beautiful craft that many don't seem to care about any more.  He was patient, well most of time, when I came up with new ideas for how I wanted my next board.  Or when I changed my mind a million times when it came to what color I wanted my board.  I mean, who would want to work with a girl who always held the tools wrong?

Thank you Ken for your kindness, patience, persistence, and generosity.  Mahalo.