Thursday, February 16, 2012


This conversation is starting to get old & it's making me mad.  Let me begin.  I don't understand what so many people's problem is with Brazilian-cut bikinis & surfing.  I've heard both competitive and non-competitive female surfers bitch and moan about photos featuring a girl doing a backside bottom turn. Is there some taboo thing I don't know about that it's bad for girls to wear Brazilian-cut bikinis?  I mean, it's time to grow up.  If it's a jealousy thing, maybe you should go to the gym or just shut up.  I've recently encountered conversations that included these remarks:

"I can't believe girls actually surf in gear like this... Aren't we trying to get noticed for our surfing abilities? not our tanned asses???? I'm going to wear a shorty wetsuit if i compete in Australia in march. I don't care what anybody thinks of that."
 "The current image (long hair, fit, athletic, slim-but-not-too-slim, flirtatious and heterosexual, always smiling, younger and younger, sexy, and skin-bearing), continues to feed into the status quo for female athletes that emphasizes ability as an accessory to beauty. It is unchallengeable to the dominant male sexual economy and it is fueling the current re-emergence of the sexual objectification of women in surf media.

Would blurring out the ass make you feel better?  Or how about making the girls wear long mens shorts and a one-piece conservative swimsuit? Don't you travel the world and realize there are other cultures who dress differently than you? Would that make YOU feel better?