Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Embrace

Winter. Is. Incredible.
Although I haven't been enjoying the rain or the blistering cold mornings, I am embracing wintertime.

During the summer, I constantly think how much I love summer because of the heat and bikinis. But then again, there are a million people at the beach, the lineups are crowded, and its usually blown out by 10 AM.

The winter months differ from the summer ones. The biggest factor is that the air and water get colder. It blows my mind that soon after labor day, the beaches are vast and empty. There are mornings I hardly see ten people. Course, I do not go to Blackies and that seems to be the 'hangout' place so I am partly biased.

Today I surfed Nomansland even with the horrible stench and the run-off dead branches, trash, and whatever collectibles I could discover while trying to maneuver myself to the water. The water wasn't brown this morning except at the river-mouths. So hopefully I am safe by wearing my ear plugs which I hate! Despite the quality of the beach and water, the waves were juicy, clean, and beautiful. Had a blissful time.

So as of now, I am praying for cleaner water. Rest assured it will come.
I sure do love wintertime.