Monday, August 9, 2010


This is my 100th post. Wow what a beautiful journey its been & I'm thankful of what I've endured in order to get this far. Can't believe I started shaping almost 2 years ago. I've made ten boards and am looking forward to the next million.

Was watching a couple of videos of these shaper legends and listening to what they have to say about keeping the art and craftsmanship alive is such a vital thing. Many shapers have developed designs to this point and they pass on knowledge to the next generation. I hate the thought of shaping machines taking over. But we love production, don't we? Just wait til they make a glassing machine. UGH.

So many surfers don't know where their board came from, who put time into it, or where its been before it reaches their hands. Maybe they don't care? And maybe that's okay. But so many people I know or have read about consider surfing a very sacred activity... and their boards alike. To me-- its an incredible lost art that I hope to continue learning over my entire life.

So today, go thank your shaper for what he/she has done for you.