Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swell Recap

Commentary from Surfline.

To put it quite bluntly: this was probably the most solid Southern Hemisphere swell we've had along the entire Pacific West Coast since April 2004. In fact, locals in Tahiti thought this was the biggest swell there in 30 years...or at least since the July 1996 storm that also washed out roads near Teahupo'o.

We've had other memorable swells that were more limited to certain areas, like the June 2006 swell that gave us all-time waves for the ASP Search event in Mexico; or the July 2009 south swell that arrived during the US Open at Huntington; and Newport's Wedge was even bigger on a couple other swells this year. But for large-scale swells that ignited great waves throughout the entire Pacific, this late-August
storm off Antarctica is right up there with the all-time best.