Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making Time.

One thing I know for sure, I haven't spent enough time in the water in the last 2 weeks.

This morning I had some lovely 3-5 ft SS peaks .. mmmmm it was GOOD.

That antsy feeling of slipping into your wettie.
That anticipation feeling as you walk across the beach and can't walk fast enough!
That supreme feeling of weightlessness as you barely make it over a set wave.
That breathtaking feeling as you take off on your first wave of the day.
That overwhelming feeling when you paddle back out when everything is perfect.

So what I've been thinking is that being in the water is one of the most important aspects in life. We dream, travel, and think about it... but actually paddling out is what makes the difference.

SEAHAB is all about connecting heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit together. Without one, imbalance occurs.

Happy Saturday everyone. Get your Seahab in. Make it a desire.